Company List

Intial Auditions

3:15-6:00 All must attend. (we will be sure band kids are out first) Here is the REHEARSAL CALENDAR  Please check it carefully and be sure that your conflicts are accurately represented on your AUDITION FORM.  This is a small show and most everyone sings in every song so availability will weigh heavily in consideration during casting.  

CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS- The characters in the play are quirky to say the least!  Here is what the author has to say about her intentions.  BUT we are looking for what YOU can bring to each of them.  There is so much room for YOU in them.  

Each student will be asked to sing The Opening (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) measures 4-22 BOTH Chip and Rona's parts in the appropriate octave.  

Each student will be asked to read at least one of the Epilogues.  

Some students may be asked to sing a section from the Prayer of the Comfort Counselor.  ***We are planning to consider men and women for this role.  When singing you should all sing in the tenor octave.***


3:15-6:30 List will be posted Monday evening on this website.  If called back read and study the selections for your role carefully.  

Olive- I Love You Song

Marcy- I Speak Six Languages ***Marcy's should bring a list of "special skills" (splits, piano, baton, tap, tumbling)***

Logainne- Woe is Me

Rona, Mitch, Paunch- I Love You Song

Chip- Chip's Lament 

Barfee- Magic Foot

Leaf Coneybear- I'm Not That Smart