BOX OFFICE Opens January 23, 2017 




Congratulations to everyone who auditioned, you made our job very difficult.  This was honestly one of the most difficult puzzles I have ever put together!We are pleased with the group and ready to get to work!  Remember that our first rehearsal Monday and there is a company meeting in the choir room that everyone should attend.  Do not be late and bring a writing utensil.  If you were not cast please consider joining a crew.  The crew application is available online at 

*Read the list carefully.  There are names all over the place!

*Please email me if you want feedback this weekend.  I would be happy to respond or call you.  If you can wait until Monday I would also be happy to chat then.  

*Keep an eye on the web page for Who's Who in what Scene!  That will help you to know when you need to be at rehearsal!  Monday is Mama Ogre, Papa Ogre, Shrek, King Harold, Queen Lillian, and ALL of the Fairy Tale Creatures from 4-6.  The WHOLE cast is to be there at 6-7 for Company Meeting.  All in the choir room.